nvme-read man page

nvme-read — Send an NVMe Read command, provide results


nvme-read <device> [--start-block=<slba> | -s <slba>]
                        [--block-count=<nlb> | -c <nlb>]
                        [--data-size=<size> | -z <size>]
                        [--metadata-size=<size> | -y <size>]
                        [--ref-tag=<reftag> | -r <reftag>]
                        [--data=<data-file> | -d <data-file>]
                        [--metadata=<metadata-file> | -M <metadata-file>]
                        [--prinfo=<prinfo> | -p <prinfo>]
                        [--app-tag-mask=<appmask> | -m <appmask>]
                        [--app-tag=<apptag> | -a <apptag>]
                        [--limited-retry | -l]
                        [--latency | -t]
                        [--force-unit-access | -f]


The Read command reads the logical blocks specified by the command from the medium and copies to the data data buffer provided. Will use stdout by default if you don’t provide a file.


--start-block=<slba>, -s <slba>

Start block.

--block-count, -c

The number of blocks to transfer. This is a zeroes based value to align with the kernel’s use of this field. (ie. 0 means transfer 1 block).

--data-size=<size>, -z <size>

Size of data, in bytes.

--metadata-size=<size>, -y <size>

Size of metadata in bytes.

--data=<data-file>, -d <data-file>

Data file. If none provided, contents are sent to STDOUT.

--metadata=<metadata-file>, -M <metadata-file>

Metadata file, if necessary.

--prinfo=<prinfo>, -p <prinfo>

Protection Information field defintion.

Bit Description
3 PRACT: Protection Information Action. When set to 1, PI is stripped/inserted on read/write when the block format’s metadata size is 8. When set to 0, metadata is passes.
2:0 PRCHK: Protection Information Check:
2 Set to 1 enables checking the guard tag
1 Set to 1 enables checking the application tag
0 Set to 1 enables checking the reference tag
--ref-tag=<reftag>, -r <reftag>

Optional reftag when used with protection information.

--app-tag-mask=<appmask>, -m <appmask>

Optional application tag mask when used with protection information.

--force-unit-access, -f

Set the force-unit access flag.

--latency, -t

Print out the latency the IOCTL took (in us).


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Part of the nvme-user suite

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