nvme-micron-internal-log - Man Page

Retrieve Micron device's internal logs and save to given zip file.


nvme micron vs-internal-log <device> [--package=<FILE>, -p <FILE>]


For the given NVMe device, sends the Micron vendor specific device commands to retrieve various logs (in binary format) and compresses them and saves into specified zip file. These vendor unique logs can be analyzed with Micron Technical support team for any device specific issues

The <device> parameter is mandatory and may be either the NVMe character device (ex: /dev/nvme0), or a namespace block device (ex: /dev/nvme0n1).

This will only work on Micron devices devices of model numbers 9200 and 54XX. Support for new devices may be added subsequently. Results for any other device are undefined.


-l <FILE>, --package=<FILE>

name of the file (with .zip extension) to save the device logs



Part of the nvme-user suite

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08/17/2023 NVMe Manual