nvme-lockdown - Man Page

Send an NVMe Lockdown command to prohibit or allow the execution of command


nvme-lockdown <device> [--ofi=<ofi> | -o <ofi>]
                        [--ifc=<ifc> | -f <ifc>]
                        [--prhbt=<prhbt> | -p <prhbt>]
                        [--scp=<scp> | -s <scp>]
                        [--uuid=<UUID_Index> | -U <UUID_Index>]


The Lockdown command is used to control the Command and Feature Lockdown capability which configures the prohibition or allowance of execution of the specified command or Set Features command targeting a specific Feature Identifier.


--ofi=<ofi>, -o <ofi>

Opcode or Feature Identifier(OFI) specifies the command opcode or Set Features Feature Identifier identified by the Scope field.

--ifc=<ifc>, -f <ifc>

Interface (INF) field identifies the interfaces affected by this command.

--prhbt=<prhbt>, -p <prhbt>

Prohibit (PRHBT) bit specifies whether to prohibit or allow the command opcode or Set Features Feature Identifier specified by this command.

--scp=<scp>, -s <scp>

Scope (SCP) field specifies the contents of the Opcode or Feature Identifier field.

--uuid=<UUID_Index>, -U <UUID_Index>

UUID Index - If this field is set to a non-zero value, then the value of this field is the index of a UUID in the UUID List that is used by the command. If this field is cleared to 0h,then no UUID index is specified.


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Part of the nvme-user suite


08/17/2023 NVMe Manual