nvme-list-ns - Man Page

Send NVMe Identify List Namespaces, return result and structure


nvme list-ns <device> [--namespace-id=<nsid> | -n <nsid>]
                        [--all | -a]


For the NVMe device given, sends an identify command for namespace list and provides the result and returned structure.

The <device> parameter is mandatory and may be either the NVMe character device (ex: /dev/nvme0), or a namespace block device (ex: /dev/nvme0n1). If the starting namespace in the list always begins with 0 unless the '--namespace-id' option is given to override.

On success, the namespace array is printed for each index and nsid for a valid nsid.


-n <nsid>, --namespace-id=<nsid>

Retrieve the identify list structure starting with the given nsid.

-a, ā€‰--all

Retrieve the identify list structure for all namespaces in the subsystem, whether attached or inactive.


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Part of the nvme-user suite

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04/24/2020 NVMe Manual