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nvme-io-mgmt-send - Man Page

I/O Management Send command


nvme io-mgmt-send <device> [--namespace-id=<NUM> | -n <NUM>]
                        [--mos=<NUM> | -s <NUM>] [--mo=<NUM> | -m <NUM>]
                        [--data=<FILE> | -d <FILE>]
                        [--data-len=<NUM> | -l <NUM>]
                        [--output-format=<fmt> | -o <fmt>] [--verbose | -v]


For the NVMe device given, issues the I/O Management Send command with the requested management operation (mo) and management operation specific parameter (mos). This is the generic interface provided for forward compatibility as new operations are added that this program isn’t aware of at the time of its development. As such, this is a generic command that does not provide any convenience parameters to produce the binary payload.


-n <NUM>, --namespace-id=<NUM>

Use the provided namespace id for the command. If not provided, the namespace id of the block device will be used. If the command is issued to a non-block device, the parameter is required.

-d <FILE>, --data=<FILE>

File to read payload from. If unspecified, data will be read from the standard input stream.

-l <NUM>, --data-len=<NUM>

Payload data buffer length

-m <NUM>, --mo <NUM>

Management Operation to perform.

-s <NUM>, --mos=<NUM>

Management Operation Specific parameter.

-o <fmt>, --output-format=<fmt>

Set the reporting format to normal, json or binary. Only one output format can be used at a time.

-v,  --verbose

Increase the information detail in the output.


Part of nvme-cli


06/03/2024 NVMe Manual