nvme-disconnect - Man Page

Disconnect one or more Fabrics controller(s).


nvme disconnect [--nqn=<subnqn> | -n <subnqn>]
                        [--device=<device> | -d <device>]
                        [--output-format=<fmt> | -o <fmt>] [--verbose | -v]


Disconnects and removes one or more existing NVMe over Fabrics controllers. If the --nqn option is specified all controllers connecting to the Subsystem identified by subnqn will be removed. If the --device option is specified the controller specified by the --device option will be removed.


-n <subnqn>, --nqn <subnqn>

Indicates that all controllers for the NVMe subsystems specified should be removed.

-d <device>, --device <device>

Indicates that the controller with the specified name should be removed.

-o <fmt>, --output-format=<fmt>

Set the reporting format to normal, json or binary. Only one output format can be used at a time.

-v, ā€‰--verbose

Increase the information detail in the output.


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Part of the nvme-user suite

Referenced By

nvme(1), nvme-disconnect-all(1).

02/14/2024 NVMe Manual