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nuspell - Man Page

Command-line tool for spellchecking.


nuspell [-d dict_NAME] [OPTION]... [FILE]...

nuspell -D|--help|--version


Check spelling of each FILE. If no FILE is specified, check standard input. The text in the input is first segmented into words with an algorithm that recognizes punctuation and then each word is checked.


-d,  --dictionary=di_CT

Use di_CT dictionary. Only one is supported. A dictionary consists of two files with extensions .dic and .aff. The -d option accepts either dictionary name without filename extension, usually a language tag, or a path (with slash) to the .aff file including the filename extension. When just a name is given, it will be searched among the list of dictionaries in the default directories (see option -D). When a path to .aff is given, only the dictionary under the path is considered. When -d is not present, the CLI tools tries to load a dictionary using the language tag from the active locale.

-D,  --list-dictionaries

Print search paths and available dictionaries and exit.


Set both input and output encoding.


Set input encoding, default is active locale.


Set output encoding, default is active locale.


Print short help.


Print version number.

Exit Status

Returns error if the argument syntax is invalid, if the dictionary can not be loaded or if some input file can not be opened. Otherwise, spell checking has occurred and returns success.



Specify dictionary, same as option -d.


Path to additional directory to search for dictionaries.


The CLI tool is primarily intended to be used interactively by human. The input is plain text and the output is mostly plain text with some symbols and words that are meant to be read by human and not by machine. The format of the output is not strictly defined and may change, thus it is not machine-readable. Other programs should use the C++ library directly which has stable API.


nuspell -d en_US file.txt
nuspell -d ../../subdir/di_CT.aff

Reporting Bugs

Bug reports: <https://github.com/nuspell/nuspell/issues>

See Also

Full documentation: <https://github.com/nuspell/nuspell/wiki>

Home page: <http://nuspell.github.io/>


Dimitrij Mijoski.


2024-07-03 Nuspell 5.1.6