nss-gui man page

nss-gui — GUI to manage contents of an NSS database


nss-gui [Options]


NSS-GUI(1) is a graphical user interface to manage data and configuration of NSS (Network Security Services). Features includes managing the contents of a certificate database, CRLs and PKCS#11 security devices. More precisely, NSS-GUI is a simple frontend to run the PKI management features provided by the Mozilla XULRunner runtime environment software. NSS-GUI(1) uses NSS' shared database access mechanism.


--dbdir DBDIR

Instruct NSS-GUI to operate on the NSS database identified by DBDIR. The syntax of DBDIR is as documented by the NSS library and may include modifiers that define the access mechanism. A DBDIR parameter is passed to NSS as is, without verification. If the parameter is not given, then the DBDIR will be taken from environment variable 'MOZPSM_NSSDBDIR_OVERRIDE'. If neither parameter --dbdir is given, nor the environment variable is set, then a default path with the shared database access mechanism will be used. For regular user accounts the default is sql:$HOME/.pki/nssdb/ When running with root permissions the default is sql:/etc/pki/nssdb/.


Displays the list of options.


Path to the INIFILE containing configuration information required by the Mozilla XULRunner runtime environment. This file is shipped with NSS-GUI(1). Default installation path is /usr/share/nss-gui/xrnssgui.ini.


Refer to the project web site for links to the bug tracking system.


The NSS-GUI frontend was written by Kai Engert.


Project web site: https://fedorahosted.org/nss-gui/


02/11/2017 NSS-GUI