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nsgr_submit - Man Page

manual page for nsgr_submit 1.0.3


nsgr_submit TEMPLATE_DIRECTORY validate|run [results_directory]

Where TEMPLATE_DIRECTORY is the name of a directory that contains the job's input data files and two property files named testInput.properties and testParam.properties.


path to config file

By default, it looks in the users's home directory (~) for .nsgrest.conf, then for nsgrest.conf (without a dot)


Ask's the REST API whether the job is valid.

If valid, prints to stdout, the command line that

would be run on the execution host if the job were submitted to run.

If invalid, prints an

error message that explains which fields have errors.


Submits the job to the REST API, waits for it to complete, and downloads the results to a subdirectory of the current directory whose name is the jobhandle (i.e, starts with "NGBW-"))


Absolute or relative path of a directory to which results will be downloaded.

If the directory

doesn't exist, nsgr_submit will create it. Intermediate directories, however, will not be created. If results_directory isn't specified, the default is directory name is ./jobhandle where jobhandle is the CIPRES assigned job handle, a long guid, starting with "NGBW-".


June 2024 nsgr_submit 1.0.3