npm-search man page

npm-search — Search for packages


npm search [-l|--long] [search terms ...]

aliases: s, se, find


Search the registry for packages matching the search terms.

If a term starts with /, then it's interpreted as a regular expression. A trailing / will be ignored in this case.  (Note that many regular expression characters must be escaped or quoted in most shells.)



  • Default: false
  • Type: Boolean

Display full package descriptions and other long text across multiple lines. When disabled (default) search results are truncated to fit neatly on a single line. Modules with extremely long names will fall on multiple lines.


Search the specified registry for modules. If you have configured npm to point to a different default registry, such as your internal private module repository, npm search will default to that registry when searching. Pass a different registry url such as the default above in order to override this setting.

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November 2016