npm-bugs - Man Page


npm-bugs ā€” Report bugs for a package in a web browser


npm bugs [<pkgname> [<pkgname> ...]]

aliases: issues


This command tries to guess at the likely location of a package's bug tracker URL or the mailto URL of the support email, and then tries to open it using the --browser config param. If no package name is provided, it will search for a package.json in the current folder and use the name property.


<!-- AUTOGENERATED CONFIG DESCRIPTIONS START --> <!-- automatically generated, do not edit manually -->


  • Default: OS X: "open", Windows: "start", Others: "xdg-open"
  • Type: null, Boolean, or String

The browser that is called by npm commands to open websites.

Set to false to suppress browser behavior and instead print urls to terminal.

Set to true to use default system URL opener.


The base URL of the npm registry. <!-- AUTOGENERATED CONFIG DESCRIPTIONS END -->

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July 2021