novnc_proxy - Man Page

noVNC proxy server


novnc_proxy [--listen PORT] [--vnc VNC_HOST:PORT] [--cert CERT] [--ssl-only]

Starts the WebSockets proxy and a mini-webserver and provides a cut-and-paste URL to go to.

   --listen PORT         Port for proxy/webserver to listen on
                         Default: 6080
   --vnc VNC_HOST:PORT   VNC server host:port proxy target
                         Default: localhost:5900
   --cert CERT           Path to combined cert/key file, or just
                         the cert file if used with --key
                         Default: self.pem
   --key KEY             Path to key file, when not combined with cert
   --web WEB             Path to web files (e.g. vnc.html)
                         Default: ./
   --ssl-only            Disable non-https connections.

   --record FILE         Record traffic to FILE.session.js

   --syslog SERVER       Can be local socket such as /dev/log, or a UDP host:port pair.

   --heartbeat SEC       send a ping to the client every SEC seconds
   --timeout SEC         after SEC seconds exit when not connected
   --idle-timeout SEC    server exits after SEC seconds if there are no
                         active connections


The noVNC Authors

See Also

websockify(1), nova-novncproxy(1)

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The man page novnc_server(1) is an alias of novnc_proxy(1).

June 25, 2020 version 1.2.0 USER COMMANDS