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notmuch-emacs-mua - Man Page

send mail with notmuch and emacs


notmuch emacs-mua [options ...] [<to-address> ... | <mailto-url>]


Start composing an email in the Notmuch Emacs UI with the specified subject, recipients, and message body, or mailto: URL.

Supported options for emacs-mua include

-h,  --help

Display help.

-s,  --subject=<subject>

Specify the subject of the message.


Specify a recipient (To).

-c,  --cc=<cc-address>

Specify a carbon-copy (Cc) recipient.

-b,  --bcc=<bcc-address>

Specify a blind-carbon-copy (Bcc) recipient.

-i,  --body=<file>

Specify a file to include into the body of the message.


Go to the Notmuch hello screen instead of the message composition window if no message composition parameters are given.


Even if a window system is available, use the current terminal.


Use emacsclient(1), rather than emacs(1). For emacsclient(1) to work, you need an already running Emacs with a server, or use --auto-daemon.


Automatically start Emacs in daemon mode, if the Emacs server is not running. Applicable with --client. Implies --create-frame.


Create a new frame instead of trying to use the current Emacs frame. Applicable with --client. This will be required when Emacs is running (or automatically started with --auto-daemon) in daemon mode.


Output the resulting elisp to stdout instead of evaluating it.

The supported positional parameters and short options are a compatible subset of the mutt(1) MUA command-line options. The options and positional parameters modifying the message can't be combined with the mailto: URL.

Options may be specified multiple times.

Environment Variables


Name of emacs command to invoke. Defaults to "emacs".


Name of emacsclient command to invoke. Defaults to "emacsclient".

See Also

notmuch, emacsclient(1), mutt(1)


Carl Worth and many others


Jun 09, 2024 0.38.3 notmuch