normalize-mp3 - Man Page

adjust levels of mp3 or ogg files by running normalize(1), then re-encoding


normalize-mp3 [OPTION]... [FILE]... normalize-ogg [OPTION]... [FILE]...


Normalize volume of mp3 or ogg files by decoding, running normalize, and re-encoding.  This requires as much extra disk space as the largest mp3 or ogg file, decoded.  Note that for batch and mix mode, all files must be decoded, so there must be enough disk space for the decoded copies of all specified mp3 and ogg files.


Convert files to OGG, regardless of original format


Convert files to MP3, regardless of original format

--bitrate BR

Set bitrate of re-encoded file (default 128)

--tmpdir TMP

Put temporary WAV files in temp directory TMP


Do not copy ID3 or OGG tags to the output file

The following four options may be used to set the encoder and decoder commands for mp3 and ogg vorbis.  %m is expanded to the name of the mp3 or vorbis file, %w expands to the name of the temporary WAV file, and %b expands to the bitrate, as specified by the --bitrate option. Run normalize-mp3 with no arguments to see the default values.


mp3 encoder


mp3 decoder


ogg vorbis encoder


ogg vorbis decoder


Display this help and exit.


Display version information and exit.

These arguments are passed as arguments to normalize.

Run "normalize --help" for more info.

-a AMP

-g ADJ







Reporting Bugs

Report bugs to <>.

See Also

The normalize(1) Man page


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September 2001