nodeunit man page

nodeunit -- simple node.js unit testing tool


nodeunit [options] <file-or-directory> [<file-or-directory> ...]


Nodeunit is a simple unit testing tool based on the node.js assert module.


 --config FILE:

Load config options from a JSON file, allows the customisation
     of color schemes for the default test reporter etc.
     See bin/nodeunit.json for current available options.

 --reporter FILE:

You can set the test reporter to a custom module or on of the modules
     in nodeunit/lib/reporters, when omitted, the default test runner is used.


List available build-in reporters.

 -h, --help:

Display the help and exit.

 -v, --version:

Output version information and exit.

     You can run nodeunit on specific files or on all *.js files inside
     a directory.


Written by Caolan McMahon and other nodeunit contributors.
Contributors list:

Reporting Bugs

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October 2010