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nodeenv - Man Page

manual page for nodeenv 1.9.1


usage: nodeenv [OPTIONS] DEST_DIR

positional arguments


Destination directory


-h,  --help

show this help message and exit


show program's version number and exit

-n,  --node NODE_VER

The node.js version to use, e.g., --node=0.4.3 will use the node-v0.4.3 to create the new environment. The default is last stable version (`latest`). Use `lts` to use the latest LTS release. Use `system` to use system-wide node.

--mirror MIRROR

Set mirror server of nodejs.org to download from.

-j,  --jobs JOBS

Sets number of parallel commands at node.js compilation. The default is 2 jobs.

--load-average LOAD_AVERAGE

Sets maximum load average for executing parallel commands at node.js compilation.


Build node.js without SSL support


Build debug variant of the node.js


Enable profiling for node.js

--make,  -m MAKE_PATH

Path to make command


Install node.js from the source

-v,  --verbose

Verbose mode

-q,  --quiet

Quiet mode

-C,  --config-file CONFIG_FILE

Load a different file than '~/.nodeenvrc'. Pass an empty string for no config (use built-in defaults).

-r,  --requirements FILENAME

Install all the packages listed in the given requirements file.

--prompt PROMPT

Provides an alternative prompt prefix for this environment

-l,  --list

Lists available node.js versions


Install npm packages from file without node


Build without installing npm into the new virtual environment. Required for node.js < 0.6.3. By default, the npm included with node.js is used. Under Windows, this defaults to true.

--npm NPM_VER

The npm version to use, e.g., --npm=0.3.18 will use the npm-0.3.18.tgz tarball to install. The default is last available version (`latest`).


Skip the npm 0.x cleanup. Cleanup is enabled by default.

--python-virtualenv,  -p

Use current python virtualenv

--clean-src,  -c

Remove "src" directory after installation


Force installation in a pre-existing directory


Install node.js from prebuilt package (default)


Ignore certificates for package downloads. - UNSAFE -


June 2024 nodeenv 1.9.1