nmap-update man page

nmap-update — Updater for Nmap's architecture-independent files


nmap-update [ options ] [ channel ]


nmap-update is an updater for Nmap's architecture-independent files. It is used to keep up to date with changes and new scripts for the Nmap Scripting Engine.

Updates are distributed in the form of channels, which are named directories that usually correspond to Nmap version numbers. When nmap-update is installed, it will pull from the channel corresponding to the version of Nmap it was installed with, until Nmap and nmap-update are upgraded as a whole.

The program works by updating from a remote Subversion repository. To supply authentication credentials, create a configuration file:

/home/user/.nmap/nmap-config.conf on non-Windows systems, or
C:\Users\user\AppData\Roaming\nmap\nmap-config.conf on Windows.

The contents of the file should be:

username = username
password = password

Alternatively, you can cache your credentials more securely if you have the svn command-line program installed. Run the command svn ls https://svn.nmap.org/updates, enter your credentials, and agree to cache them when asked.

Options Summary

-d directory
Install to directory. Normally installation goes to a suitable place under your home directory: .nmap/updates/channel on Unix and AppData\Roaming\nmap\updates\channel on Windows. This option can be used by root to install updates system-wide.
-h, --help
Show a help message and exit.
-r, --repo repository
Use the given repository and path rather than the default. For example, --repo https://svn.example.com/updates.
--username username
Authenticate with the given username.
--password password
Authenticate with the given password.
-v, --verbose
Be more verbose. Show the used channel and repository.

Any other arguments are taken to be the names of channels to load from. The channels are tried in order until one is successful.