nipy_diagnose - Man Page

nipy_diagnose – Calculate and write results for diagnostic screen


nipy_diagnose [-h] [--out-path OUT_PATH] [--out-fname-label OUT_FNAME_LABEL] [--ncomponents NCOMPONENTS] [--time-axis TIME_AXIS] [--slice-axis SLICE_AXIS] filename


nipy_diagnose(1) will generate a series of diagnostic images for a 4D fMRI image volume. The following images will be generated. <ext> is the input filename extension (e.g. ‘.nii’):

The filenames for the outputs are of the form <out-path>/<some_prefix><label><file-ext> where <out-path> is the path specified by the --out-path option, or the path of the input filename; <some_prefix> are the standard prefixes above, <label> is given by --out-label, or by the filename of the input image (with path and extension removed), and <file-ext> is ‘.png’ for graphics, or the extension of the input filename for volume images. For example, specifying only the input filename /some/path/fname.img will generate filenames of the form /some/path/components_fname.png, /some/path/max_fname.img etc.


Positional Arguments


4D image filename

Optional Arguments


Show a help message and exit

--out-path OUT_PATH

Path for output image files

--out-fname-label OUT_FNAME_LABEL

Mid part of output image filenames

--ncomponents NCOMPONENTS

Number of PCA components to write

--time-axis TIME_AXIS

Image axis for time

--slice-axis TSLICE_AXIS

Image axis for slice

See Also

nipy_3dto4d(1), nipy_4d_realign(1), nipy_4dto3d(1), nipy_tsdiffana(1)

Referenced By

nipy_3dto4d(1), nipy_4d_realign(1), nipy_4dto3d(1), nipy_tsdiffana(1).

February 2023