nfs_lsmplugin - Man Page

LibstorageMgmt local network file system plugin


LibStorageMgmt NFS plugin allows the exporting of local filesystems by configuration of the local systems nfs services.


To use this plugin, users should set their URI to this format:


No password is required for this plugin. No URI parameters are supported by this plugin.

Root Privilege

This plugin requires both lsmd daemon and API client running as root user. Please check manpage lsmd.conf (5) for detail.

Firewall Rules

This plugin requires no network access.

Supported Exports

This plugin will only list and modify exports that have been created using this plugin and stored in /etc/exports.d/libstoragemgmt.exports Other existing exports, stored in other export files will not be shown.

See Also

lsmcli(1), lsmd(1), exports(5)


Please report bugs to <>


Justin Mitchell <>

Referenced By


February 2017 nfs_lsmplugin 1.9.8 libStorageMgmt