netstat-nat - Man Page

Show the natted connections on a linux iptable firewall


netstat-nat [options]


netstat-nat Displays NAT connections managed by netfilter/iptables which comes with the > 2.4.x linux kernels.

The program reads its information from '/proc/net/ip_conntrack' or '/proc/net/nf_conntrack', which is the temporary conntrack-storage of netfilter.



displays help


don't resolve IPs/portnumbers to host/portnames

-p <protocol>

display NAT connections with protocol selection (see /etc/protocols)

-s <source host>

display connections by source IP/hostname

-d <destination host>

display connections by destination IP/hostname


display SNAT connections


display DNAT connections


display only connections to NAT box self (doesn't show SNAT & DNAT)


display only connections routed through the NAT box (doesn't show SNAT & DNAT)


extended view of hostnames

-r <src|dst|src-port|dst-port|state>

sort connections


no output header


display NAT box connection information (only valid with SNAT & DNAT)


prints version


/proc/net/ip_conntrack or /proc/net/nf_conntrack

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netstat-nat has been written by D.Wijsman
The manual page has been written by


July 2002