netavark - Man Page

Configure a given network namespace for use by a container


netavark [options] command network namespace path


Netavark configures a network namespace according to a configuration read from STDIN. The configuration is JSON formatted.

Global Options

--file, -f

Instead of reading from STDIN, read the configuration to be applied from the given file. -f - may also be used to flag reading from STDIN.


netavark setup

The setup command configures the given network namespace with the given configuration, creating any interfaces and firewall rules necessary.

netavark teardown

The teardown command is the inverse of the setup command, undoing any configuration applied. Some interfaces may not be deleted (bridge interfaces, for example, will not be removed).

Configuration Format

The configuration accepted is the same for both setup and teardown. It is JSON formatted.

Format is but we will also send a Networks array including all the network definitions ( TODO: Transcribe configuration into here in a nice tabular format


netavark setup /run/user/1000/podman/netns/d11d1f9c499d

netavark -f /run/podman/828b0508ae64.conf teardown /run/podman/netns/828b0508ae64

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