ndctl-zero-labels man page

ndctl-zero-labels — zero out the label area on a dimm or set of dimms


ndctl zero-labels <nmem0> [<nmem1>..<nmemN>] [<options>]


The namespace label area is a small persistent partition of capacity available on some NVDIMM devices. The label area is used to resolve aliasing between pmem and blk capacity by lineating namespace boundaries. This command resets the device to its default state by deleting all labels.


<memory device(s)>...

One or more nmemX device names. The keyword all can be specified to operate on every dimm in the system, optionally filtered by bus id (see --bus= option).

-b, --bus=
Limit operation to memory devices (dimms) that are on the given bus. Where bus can be a provider name or a bus id number.
Turn on verbose debug messages in the library (if ndctl was built with logging and debug enabled).

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NVDIMM Namespace Specification[1]



NVDIMM Namespace Specification

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