ndctl-destroy-namespace man page

ndctl-destroy-namespace ā€” destroy the given namespace(s)


ndctl destroy-namespace <namespace> [<options>]


A REGION, after resolving DPA aliasing and LABEL specified boundaries, surfaces one or more "namespace" devices. The arrival of a "namespace" device currently triggers either the nd_blk or nd_pmem driver to load and register a disk/block device.



A namespaceX.Y device name. The keyword all can be specified to carry out the operation on every namespace in the system, optionally filtered by region (see --region=option)

-r, --region=

A 'regionX' device name, or a region id number. The keyword 'all' can
be specified to carry out the operation on every region in the system,
optionally filtered by bus id (see --bus= option).
-b, --bus=

Enforce that the operation only be carried on devices that are attached to the given bus. Where bus can be a provider name or a bus id number.

-v, --verbose

Emit debug messages for the namespace operation

-f, --force

Unless this option is specified the destroy namespace operation will fail if the namespace is presently active. Specifying --force causes the namespace to be disabled before the operation is attempted. However, if the namespace is mounted then the disable namespace and destroy namespace operations will be aborted. The namespace must be unmounted before being destroyed.

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