ndctl man page

ndctl — Manage "libnvdimm" subsystem devices (Non-volatile Memory)


ndctl create-namespace --mode=fsdax

ndctl create-namespace --reconfigure=namespaceX.Y --mode=raw

ndctl check-namespace --repair namespaceX.Y

ndctl list --namespaces --regions --buses --idle

ndctl list -vvv --namespace=namespaceX.Y

ndctl monitor --bus=ACPI.NFIT

ndctl destroy-namespace --force namespaceX.Y


ndctl [--version] [--help] [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]


-v, --version

Display ndctl version.

-h, --help

Run ndctl help command.


ndctl is utility for managing the "libnvdimm" kernel subsystem. The "libnvdimm" subsystem defines a kernel device model and control message interface for platform NVDIMM resources like those defined by the ACPI 6.0 NFIT (NVDIMM Firmware Interface Table).  Operations supported by the tool include, provisioning capacity (namespaces), as well as enumerating/enabling/disabling the devices (dimms, regions, namspaces) associated with an NVDIMM bus.

See Also

ndctl-create-namespace(1), ndctl-destroy-namespace(1), ndctl-check-namespace(1), ndctl-enable-region(1), ndctl-disable-region(1), ndctl-enable-dimm(1), ndctl-disable-dimm(1), ndctl-enable-namespace(1), ndctl-disable-namespace(1), ndctl-zero-labels(1), ndctl-read-labels(1), ndctl-inject-error(1), ndctl-list(1), LIBNVDIMM Overview" , NVDIMM Driver Writer’s Guide"

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