ncz2psx - Man Page

netCDF NCZarr and POSIX filename filter


ncz2psx [-d dbg_lvl] [--frg_nm frg_nm] [--frg_typ= frg_typ] [--scm_typ scm_typ] [--scm_nm scm_nm] [--version ] input-files


ncz2psx filters a filename arguments between NCZarr and POSIX formats. It reads input-files from stdin, performs the desired filename manipulation, and writes the results to stdout. Normally the results are piped to another NCO command.


NCO manual pages written by Charlie Zender and originally formatted by Brian Mays.

Reporting Bugs

Report bugs to <>.

See Also

The full documentation for NCO is maintained as a Texinfo manual called the NCO Users Guide. Because NCO is mathematical in nature, the documentation includes TeX-intensive portions not viewable on character-based displays.  Hence the only complete and authoritative versions of the NCO Users Guide are the PDF (recommended), DVI, and Postscript versions at <>, <>, and <>, respectively. HTML and XML versions are available at <> and <>, respectively.

If the info and NCO programs are properly installed at your site, the command

info nco

should give you access to the complete manual, except for the TeX-intensive portions.

ncap(1), ncap2(1), ncatted(1), ncbo(1), ncclimo(1), nces(1), ncecat(1), ncflint(1), ncz2psx(1), ncks(1), nco(1), ncpdq(1), ncra(1), ncrcat(1), ncremap(1), ncrename(1), ncwa(1)


The NCO homepage at <> contains more information.

Referenced By

ncap2(1), ncatted(1), ncchecker(1), ncclimo(1), ncecat(1), nces(1), ncflint(1), ncks(1), nco(1), ncpdq(1), ncra(1), ncrcat(1), ncremap(1), ncrename(1), ncwa(1).