ncremap man page

ncremap — netCDF Remapper


ncremap [-3] [-4] [-5] [-6] [-7] [-a alg_typ][--a2o] [-D dbg_lvl] [-d dst_fl][--fl_fmt=fmt][-G grd_sng] [-g grd_fl] [-I in_drc] [-i in_fl] [-j job_nbr] [-L dfl_lvl] [-M] [-m map_fl][--msk_dst= msk_dst][--msk_out= msk_out][--msk_src= msk_src][--mss_val= mss_val][-n nco_usr] [--no_cll_msr ] [--no_frm_trm] [--no_stg_grd] [-O out_drc] [-o output-file] [-P pdq_typ] [-p par_typ][-R rgr_opt] [-s grd_src][--stdin] [-T drc_tmp] [-t thr_nbr] [-U] [-u unq_sfx] [-V rgr_var] [-v var_lst] [--vrb_lvl = vrb_lvl][--version][-W wgt_opt][-w wgt_cmd] [-x xtn_lst][--xtr_nsp xtr_nsp][--xtr_typ xtr_typ][--xtr_xpn xtr_xpn]


ncremap remaps the data in the input-file file(s) to the grid specified by (in descending order of precedence) map_fl , dst_fl, grd_dst, or grd_sng, and stores the result(s) in the output-file file(s).


NCO manual pages written by Charlie Zender and originally formatted by Brian Mays.

Reporting Bugs

Report bugs to <>.

See Also

The full documentation for NCO is maintained as a Texinfo manual called the NCO Users Guide. Because NCO is mathematical in nature, the documentation includes TeX-intensive portions not viewable on character-based displays.  Hence the only complete and authoritative versions of the NCO Users Guide are the PDF (recommended), DVI, and Postscript versions at <>, <>, and <>, respectively. HTML and XML versions are available at <> and <>, respectively.

If the info and NCO programs are properly installed at your site, the command

info nco

should give you access to the complete manual, except for the TeX-intensive portions.

ncap(1), ncap2(1), ncatted(1), ncbo(1), nces(1), ncecat(1), ncflint(1), ncks(1), nco(1), ncpdq(1), ncra(1), ncrcat(1), ncremap(1), ncrename(1), ncwa(1)


The NCO homepage at <> contains more information.

Referenced By

ncap2(1), ncatted(1), ncclimo(1), ncecat(1), nces(1), ncflint(1), ncks(1), nco(1), ncpdq(1), ncra(1), ncrcat(1), ncrename(1), ncwa(1).