ncid-setup - Man Page

execute setup scripts


ncid-setup [-h] [-V] [name [option] [option] [...]]


The ncid-setup script uses name and any name options to call a /usr/share/ncid/setup/ncid-<name>-setup script. It is a convenience script to launch other setup scripts without having to know its path and without having to put a lot of one-time scripts in /usr/bin.

If no argument is given, ncid-setup will list all setup scripts and support files.

If the setup script requires other files to complete the setup, they can be placed in the same directory as the setup script.

The RPM or DEB server package (required) contains the ncid-email2ncid-setup script. The RPM or DEB ncid-mysql package (optional) contains the ncid-mysql-setup script.

The ncid-setup script changes to the setup directory before launching the setup script.



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See Also

ncid-email2ncid-setup(1), ncid-mysql-setup(8)

Referenced By

ncid-email2ncid-setup(1), ncid-mysql-setup(8).

2022-11-8 NCID