ncid-page man page



ncid --no-gui --program ncid-page


The ncid-page output module sends the Caller ID or message to a cell phone, pager, or any other email address. It can have multiple email addresses

The module always sends the information as soon as the Caller ID is received.

The ncid client can be configured in ncid.conf to wait until a specific number of rings before sending the Caller ID to a module when using a modem that indicates RING, or it can send the Caller ID if the call was unanswered or at the completion of the call when using a SIP gateway.

The module requires PageTo in ncid-page.conf to be set to the SMS gateway for your cell phone carrier.

List of SMS gateways:


The ncid-page output module is configured in ncid-page.conf.


This sets the NCID message types ncid-page will send. The different types are CID, OUT, HUP, BLK, WID, MSG, PID, and NOT.

Default: PageTypes="CID MSG"


Must be set to either the SMS gateway for your cell phone carrier or an email address.

Default: PageTypes=""


This variable has no effect unless root runns ncid-page. If set, it allows root to run ncid-page as another user.

Default: PageFrom=""


This variable sets the mail program to use in sending NCID messages.

Default: PageMail="mail"


This variable, if set provides a Subject line for sending email.

no subject line
calling number subject line
calling name subject line
calling number and name subject line

calling name and number subject line

Default: PageOpt=""


Can be another mail program with an optional subject line

See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Message_t…
Suggest a simple MTA like exim to send and receive mail.
The sendmail MTA is very good but hard to configure.
Use a SMTP program like SSMTP if only need to send mail.

You can use ssmtp or exim to handle mail on the Raspberry Pi.
ssmtp: https://rpi.tnet.com/project/faqs/smtp
exim: http://www.sbprojects.com/projects/rasp…

To use google for outgoing mail, you need 2-step verification:


If you want to call a module ona certain ring count, you need to configure the module to set ring in the ncid.conf file.

The ncid-page module requires the PageTo variable to be set. The ncid-notify module requires either a key variable to be set to a API key or a key file that contains the API key key file

ncid command line options to call ncid-page at ring number 4

ncid --no-gui --program ncid-page --ring 4

ncid.conf line and ncid command line to call ncid-page if no answer

uncomment the ncid_page line in ncid.conf and change 4 to -1
set ncid_page {set Ring -1}

ncid command to call ncid-page if no answer
ncid --no-gui --program ncid-page



See Also

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