ncid-notify man page

ncid-notify — send a NCID notification to your Android or iOS device


ncid --no-gui --program ncid-notify


The ncid-notify output  module uses NMA (Notify My Android), Prowl, or both NMA and Prowl. It displays the Caller ID or message on an Android  device, an iOS device, or one of each.


The ncid-notify output module is configured in ncid-notify.conf.


This sets the NCID message types ncid-notify will send.  The different types are CID, OUT, HUP, BLK, WID, MSG, PID, and NOT.

Default: notify_types="CID OUT HUP BLK MSG"

If you want to send notification only when a ring count is reached, configure ring by creating the ncid_notify variable in ncid-conf.

See ncid-notify.conf for the complete list of variables and descriptions.


The ncid-notify module requires either a key variable to be set to a API key or a key file that contains the API key.

Android Device Requirements:

The "Notify My Android" app on your Android device.
Registration at NMA website
Generated API key to place in configuration file.

iOS Device Requirements:

The Prowl (Growl client for iOS) app from the app store
Registration at Prowl website
Generated API key to place in configuration file.



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