ncid-initmodem - Man Page

use ncidd to reinitialize modem to Caller ID mode


ncid --no-gui --module ncid-initmodem


The ncid-initmodem output module re-initializes the modem obtaining the Caller ID for the server.  It can only be used if the modem supports Caller ID and sends "RING" at each ringing signal.  If the server indicates a non-CID call, ncid-initmodem will cause ncidd to re-initialize the modem for CID. Never use this module with a modem that does not support Caller ID.  The module can be used with modems that drop out of Caller ID mode.


modem that supports Caller ID

The module does not have a configuration file, but it does check for one.



See Also

ncidd(8), ncid_modules(7), ncid(1), ncid.conf(5)

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