ncid-email2ncid-setup - Man Page


ncid-setup ncid-email2ncid-setup


The ncid-email2ncid-setup script is called by ncid-setup. It creates a $HOME/.procmailrc or appends the email2ncid recipes needed to pipe a email or email subject line to a email2ncid gateway.

The setup script creates a $HOME/.procmailrc file if it does not exist, or appends the email2ncid recipes to a $HOME/.procmailrc if it exists.

If the setup script detects a email2ncid recipe in $HOME/.procmailrc, it will not take any action.

The recipe for sending a email subject line to the email2ncid gateway requires the user to edit it so detect the sender's email address. The recipe can be duplicated and edited for more than one email address.


A dynamic DNS service
A Mail Transport Agent (MTA)
Forward port 25 TCP/UDP to the computer running the MTA

See email2ncid setup in the Gateways section of the NCID User Manual.



See Also

ncid-setup(1), procmail(1)

Referenced By

email2ncid(1), email2ncid.conf(5), ncid-setup(1).

2022-11-8 NCID