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nbmerge - Man Page

Merge two Jupyter notebooks


usage: nbmerge [-h] [--version] [--config]

[--log-level {DEBUG,INFO,WARN,ERROR,CRITICAL}] [-s] [-o] [-a] [-m] [-i] [-d] [--merge-strategy {inline,use-base,use-local,use-remote}] [--input-strategy {inline,use-base,use-local,use-remote}] [--output-strategy {inline,use-base,use-local,use-remote,remove,clear-all}] [--no-ignore-transients] [--no-color] [--no-git] [--no-use-diff] [--out OUT] [--decisions] [base] local remote

Merge two Jupyter notebooks "local" and "remote" with a common ancestor "base". If base is left out, it uses an empty notebook as the base.

positional arguments


The base notebook filename.


The local modified notebook filename.


The remote modified notebook filename.


-h,  --help

show this help message and exit


show program's version number and exit


list the valid config keys and their current effective values


set the log level by name.

--merge-strategy {inline,use-base,use-local,use-remote}

the merge strategy to use.

--input-strategy {inline,use-base,use-local,use-remote}

the merge strategy to use for inputs (overrides 'merge-strategy' for inputs).

--output-strategy {inline,use-base,use-local,use-remote,remove,clear-all}

the merge strategy to use for outputs (overrides 'merge-strategy' for outputs).


disallow deletion of transient data such as outputs and execution counts in order to resolve conflicts.


prevent use of ANSI color code escapes for text output


prevent use of git for formatting diff/merge text output


prevent use of diff/diff3 for formatting diff/merge text output

--out OUT

if supplied, the merged output is written to this file. Otherwise it is printed to the terminal.


print a human-readable summary of conflicted merge decisions instead of merging the notebook.


Set which parts of the notebook (not) to process.

-s,  --sources,  -S,  --ignore-sources

process/ignore sources.

-o,  --outputs,  -O,  --ignore-outputs

process/ignore outputs.

-a,  --attachments,  -A,  --ignore-attachments

process/ignore attachments.

-m,  --metadata,  -M,  --ignore-metadata

process/ignore metadata.

-i,  --id,  -I,  --ignore-id

process/ignore identifiers.

-d,  --details,  -D,  --ignore-details

process/ignore details not covered by other options.


June 2024 nbmerge 4.0.1