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nbdiff-web - Man Page

Compute the difference between two Jupyter notebooks


usage: nbdiff-web [-h] [--version] [--config]

[--log-level {DEBUG,INFO,WARN,ERROR,CRITICAL}] [-p PORT] [-b BROWSER] [--persist] [--ip IP] [-w WORKDIRECTORY] [--base-url BASE_URL] [--show-unchanged] [--identical-lines-margin IDENTICAL_LINES_MARGIN] [-s] [-o] [-a] [-m] [-i] [-d] [base] [remote] [paths ...]

Difftool for Nbdime.

positional arguments


The base notebook filename OR base git-revision.


The remote modified notebook filename OR remote gitrevision.


Filter diffs for git-revisions based on path


-h,  --help

show this help message and exit


show program's version number and exit


list the valid config keys and their current effective values


set the log level by name.

-p,  --port PORT

specify the port you want the server to run on. Default is 0 (random).

-b,  --browser BROWSER

specify the browser to use, to override the system default.


prevent server shutting down on remote close request (when these would normally be supported).

--ip IP

specify the interface to listen to for the web server. NOTE: Setting this to anything other than might comprimise the security of your computer. Use with care!

-w,  --workdirectory WORKDIRECTORY

specify the working directory you want the server to run from. Default is the actual cwd at program start.

--base-url BASE_URL

The base URL prefix under which to run the web app


show unchanged cells by default

--identical-lines-margin IDENTICAL_LINES_MARGIN

Margin for collapsing identical lines in editor; set to -1 to deactivate.


Set which parts of the notebook (not) to process.

-s,  --sources,  -S,  --ignore-sources

process/ignore sources.

-o,  --outputs,  -O,  --ignore-outputs

process/ignore outputs.

-a,  --attachments,  -A,  --ignore-attachments

process/ignore attachments.

-m,  --metadata,  -M,  --ignore-metadata

process/ignore metadata.

-i,  --id,  -I,  --ignore-id

process/ignore identifiers.

-d,  --details,  -D,  --ignore-details

process/ignore details not covered by other options.


June 2024 nbdiff-web 4.0.1