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named-rrchecker - Man Page

syntax checker for individual DNS resource records


named-rrchecker [-h] [-o origin] [-p] [-u] [-C] [-T] [-P]


named-rrchecker reads a individual DNS resource record from standard input and checks whether it is syntactically correct.



This option prints out the help menu.

-o origin

This option specifies the origin to be used when interpreting the record.


This option prints out the resulting record in canonical form. If there is no canonical form defined, the record is printed in unknown record format.


This option prints out the resulting record in unknown record form.

-C,  -T,  -P

These options print out the known class, standard type, and private type mnemonics, respectively.

See Also

RFC 1034, RFC 1035, named(8).


Internet Systems Consortium


9.18.26 BIND 9