mysqlaccess - Man Page

client for checking access privileges (mysqlaccess is now a symlink to mariadb-access)


mysqlaccess [host_name [user_name [db_name]]] [options]


mysqlaccess is a diagnostic tool written by Yves Carlier. It checks the access privileges for a host name, user name, and database combination. Note that mysqlaccess checks access using only the user, db, and host tables. It does not check table, column, or routine privileges specified in the tables_priv, columns_priv, or procs_priv tables.

Invoke mysqlaccess like this:

shell> mysqlaccess [host_name [user_name [db_name]]] [options]

mysqlaccess supports the following options.

If your MariaDB distribution is installed in some non-standard location, you must change the location where mysqlaccess expects to find the mysql client. Edit the mysqlaccess script at approximately line 18. Search for a line that looks like this:

$MYSQL     = '/usr/local/bin/mysql';    # path to mysql executable

Change the path to reflect the location where mysql actually is stored on your system. If you do not do this, a Broken pipe error will occur when you run mysqlaccess.

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The man page mariadb-access(1) is an alias of mysqlaccess(1).

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