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mysql_setpermission - Man Page

interactively set permissions in grant tables (mysql_setpermission is now a symlink to mariadb-setpermission)


mysql_setpermission [options]


mysql_setpermission is a Perl script that was originally written and contributed by Luuk de Boer. It interactively sets permissions in the MariaDB grant tables. mysql_setpermission is written in Perl and requires that the DBI and DBD::MariaDB Perl modules be installed.

Invoke mysql_setpermission like this:

shell> mysql_setpermission [options]

options should be either --help to display the help message, or options that indicate how to connect to the MariaDB server. The account used when you connect determines which permissions you have when attempting to modify existing permissions in the grant tables.

mysql_setpermission also reads options from the [client] and [perl] groups in the .my.cnf file in your home directory, if the file exists.

mysql_setpermission supports the following options:

See Also

For more information, please refer to the MariaDB Knowledge Base, available online at https://mariadb.com/kb/


MariaDB Foundation (http://www.mariadb.org/).

Referenced By

The man page mariadb-setpermission(1) is an alias of mysql_setpermission(1).

15 May 2020 MariaDB 10.11 MariaDB Database System