mysql_convert_table_format - Man Page

convert tables to use a given storage engine (mysql_convert_table_format is now a symlink to mariadb-convert-table-format)


mysql_convert_table_format [options] db_name


mysql_convert_table_format converts the tables in a database to use a particular storage engine (MyISAM by default). mysql_convert_table_format is written in Perl and requires that the DBI and DBD::MariaDB Perl modules be installed (see Section 2.15, “Perl Installation Notes”).

Invoke mysql_convert_table_format like this:

shell> mysql_convert_table_format [options]db_name

The db_name argument indicates the database containing the tables to be converted.

mysql_convert_table_format supports the options described in the following list.

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The man page mariadb-convert-table-format(1) is an alias of mysql_convert_table_format(1).

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