mysql_client_test man page

mysql_client_test — test client API
mysql_client_test_embedded — test client API for embedded server


mysql_client_test [options] [test_name] ...

mysql_client_test_embedded [options] [test_name] ...


The mysql_client_test program is used for testing aspects of the MySQL client API that cannot be tested using mysqltest and its test language. mysql_client_test is run as part of the test suite.

mysql_client_test_embedded is similar but is used for testing the embedded server. This program is available only prior to MySQL 8.0.

The source code for the programs can be found in in tests/mysql_client_test.c in a source distribution. The program serves as a good source of examples illustrating how to use various features of the client API.

mysql_client_test is used in a test by the same name in the main tests suite of but may also be run directly. Unlike the other programs listed here, it does not read an external description of what tests to run. Instead, all tests are coded into the program, which is written to cover all aspects of the C language API.

mysql_client_test supports the following options:

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mysql_client_test_embedded(1) is an alias of mysql_client_test(1).

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