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mysql.server - Man Page

MariaDB server startup script


mysql {start|stop}


MariaDB distributions on Unix include a script named mysql.server. It can be used on systems such as Linux and Solaris that use System V-style run directories to start and stop system services. It is also used by the Mac OS X Startup Item for MariaDB.

mysql.server can be found in the support-files directory under your MariaDB installation directory or in a MariaDB source distribution.

If you use the Linux server RPM package (MySQL-server-VERSION.rpm), the mysql.server script will be installed in the /etc/init.d directory with the name mysql. You need not install it manually.

Some vendors provide RPM packages that install a startup script under a different name such as mysqld.

If you install MariaDB from a source distribution or using a binary distribution format that does not install mysql.server automatically, you can install it manually.

mysql.server reads options from the [mysql.server] and [mysqld] sections of option files. For backward compatibility, it also reads [mysql_server] sections, although you should rename such sections to [mysql.server]&.

mysql.server supports the following options.

See Also

For more information, please refer to the MariaDB Knowledge Base, available online at https://mariadb.com/kb/


MariaDB Foundation (http://www.mariadb.org/).


15 May 2020 MariaDB 10.11 MariaDB Database System