mysql-zrm-parse-binlogs man page

mysql-zrm-parse-binlogs(1) mysql-zrm-parse-binlogs(1)

mmyyssqqll--zzrrmm--ppaarrssee--bbiinnllooggss - Utility to parse MySQL binary logs for ZRM
for MySQL

[----ssoouurrccee--ddiirreeccttoorryy _d_i_r___n_a_m_e]
[----bbiinn--llooggss _"_/_f_u_l_l_p_a_t_h_/_n_a_m_e_1 _/_f_u_l_l_p_a_t_h_/_n_a_m_e_2 _._._._"]
[----mmyyssqqll--bbiinnppaatthh _M_y_S_Q_L___c_o_m_m_a_n_d___l_o_c_a_t_i_o_n]
[----ppaarrssee--bbiinnllooggss--pplluuggiinn _p_l_u_g_i_n]
[----ppaarrssee--bbiinnllooggss--pplluuggiinn--ooppttiioonnss _"_o_p_t_1 _o_p_t_2 _._._._"]
[----rrooww--eevveenntt--ddeettaaiillss== _n_e_v_e_r_|_a_l_w_a_y_s_|_a_u_t_o]
[----oouuttppuutt--ffoorrmmaatt== _h_t_m_l_|_t_e_x_t]
[----ooppttiioonnss--ffiillee _f_i_l_e_n_a_m_e]
[----ttmmppddiirr _t_e_m_p_o_r_a_r_y _d_i_r_e_c_t_o_r_y _t_o _b_e _u_s_e_d]

Parse binary logs to find out the timestamp and/or log position of spe-
cific database events.

This utility will display the parsed output of the binary logs. This is
useful to find out the log positions and/or timestamp to be used for
restore operations. Either the _s_o_u_r_c_e_-_d_i_r_e_c_t_o_r_y or the _b_i_n_-_l_o_g_s option
should be specified. When the _s_o_u_r_c_e_-_d_i_r_e_c_t_o_r_y option is specified then
the parsed output of the binary logs from that backup will be dis-
played. When _b_i_n_-_l_o_g_s option is specified then parsed output of the
binary log file specified will be displayed.

Please take a look at ZRM for MySQL documentation (http://mysql- for procedures on how to configure and use ZRM for

----bbaacckkuupp--sseett _n_a_m_e
Specify backup-set for the backup run. The default value is

----ssoouurrccee--ddiirreeccttoorryy _d_i_r_e_c_t_o_r_y _n_a_m_e
Choose the directory containing a backup. Both _s_o_u_r_c_e_-_d_i_r_e_c_t_o_r_y
and _b_i_n_-_l_o_g_s options should not be specified. If both are
present, the utility will throw an error.

----bbiinn--llooggss _"_/_f_u_l_l_p_a_t_h_/_n_a_m_e_1 _/_f_u_l_l_p_a_t_h_/_n_a_m_e_2 _._._.
List binary log files, along with their full paths to be used
for restore. Both _s_o_u_r_c_e_-_d_i_r_e_c_t_o_r_y and _b_i_n_-_l_o_g_s options should
not be specified. The utility will throw an error if both are

----ppaarrssee--bbiinnllooggss--pplluuggiinn _p_l_u_g_i_n
Set the plugin along with full pathname that filters the output
of _p_a_r_s_e_-_b_i_n_l_o_g_s action. This plugin is optional.

----ppaarrssee--bbiinnllooggss--pplluuggiinn--ooppttiioonnss _"_o_p_t_i_o_n_1 _o_p_t_i_o_n_2 _._._._"
Pass options to the _p_a_r_s_e_-_b_i_n_l_o_g_s_-_p_l_u_g_i_n as one of the command
line arguments.

----rrooww--eevveenntt--ddeettaaiillss== _n_e_v_e_r_|_a_l_w_a_y_s_|_a_u_t_o
This option describes how the row replication events in binary
logs should be handled. If the _m_y_s_q_l_b_i_n_l_o_g command on the ZRM
server supports decoding row based replication events and sup-
ports verbose mode (MySQL client versions > 5.1.28), set the
value to _a_l_w_a_y_s. Set the value to _n_e_v_e_r if the row based repli-
cation events decoding is not supported by _m_y_s_q_l_b_i_n_l_o_g command.
Set the value to _a_u_t_o if ZRM should parse row based events if it
is supported. Support of this feature is determined by ZRM when
the value is _a_u_t_o.

----oouuttppuutt--ffoorrmmaatt== _h_t_m_l_|_t_e_x_t
The output from the command can be in text format (value _t_e_x_t)
or in form of HTML table (value _h_t_m_l). The default is the text

----ooppttiioonnss--ffiillee _f_i_l_e_n_a_m_e
Set the file along with full pathname that contains MySQL com-
mand options.

----mmyyssqqll--bbiinnppaatthh _M_y_S_Q_L___c_o_m_m_a_n_d___l_o_c_a_t_i_o_n
Set the full path where the MySQL binaries are installed. For
example: //oopptt//llaammpppp//bbiinn

----ttmmppddiirr _t_e_m_p___d_i_r_e_c_t_o_r_y
Full path of the directory for storing temporary files and
directories on the backup host. The default is to use the sys-
tem-specified temporary directory on the backup host, e.g. //ttmmpp.

Choose qquuiieett to suppress display of log messages on ssttddoouutt.
Choose nnoo--qquuiieett to display the log messages to ssttddoouutt. The
default is ----nnoo--qquuiieett.

Provide more detailed output in the log. Verbose output is
turned off by default.

----hheellpp Displays the help message and exits. This command-line-only
parameter cannot be specified in the configuration file.

mmyyssqqll--zzrrmm ----aaccttiioonn ppaarrssee--bbiinnllooggss ----bbiinn--llooggss //vvaarr//lliibb//mmyyssqqll--zzrrmm//bbaacckk--
uuppsseett11//2200006600881188112211553322//mmyyssqqll--bbiinn..[[00--99]]** //vvaarr//lliibb//mmyyssqqll--zzrrmm//bbaacckk--

The above command parses and displays the relevant contents of all
specified binary log files. Use it to find out what position and or
timestamp to specify for selective restores.

Directory under which all backup data is stored.

//eettcc//mmyyssqqll--zzrrmm//_b_a_c_k_u_p _s_e_t _n_a_m_e//mmyyssqqll--zzrrmm..ccoonnff
Configuration file read by ZRM for MySQL.

On success, zero is returned. On error, non-zero value is returned.

mysql-zrm(1), mysql-zrm-backup(1), mysql-zrm-manage-backup(1),
mysql-zrm-restore(1), mysql-zrm-check(1), mysql-zrm-list(1),
mysql-zrm-getconf(1), mysql-zrm-setconf(1), mysql-zrm-purge(1),
mysql-zrm-extract-backup(1), mysql-zrm-verify-backup(1),
mysql-zrm-abort-backup(1), mysql-zrm-scheduler(1),
mysql-zrm-reporter(1), mysql-zrm.conf(5), mysqldump(1), mysqlbinlog(1),
mysql(1), lvm(8), Zmanda Recovery Manager for MySQL (http://mysql-

Zmanda Inc. (

Zmanda, Inc. ZRM for MySQL mysql-zrm-parse-binlogs(1)

Referenced By

mysql-zrm(1), mysql-zrm-abort-backup(1), mysql-zrm-backup(1), mysql-zrm-check(1), mysql-zrm.conf(5), mysql-zrm-extract-backup(1), mysql-zrm-list(1), mysql-zrm-purge(1), mysql-zrm-restore(1), mysql-zrm-scheduler(1), mysql-zrm-verify-backup(1).