mysql-zrm-check man page

mysql-zrm-check(1) mysql-zrm-check(1)

mmyyssqqll--zzrrmm--cchheecckk - Utility to check the given backup set configuration
ZRM for MySQL.

[----bbaacckkuupp--sseett _n_a_m_e]
[----bbaacckkuupp--lleevveell _v_a_l_u_e]
[----ooppttiioonnss--ffiillee _c_o_n_f___f_i_l_e]
[----ttmmppddiirr _t_e_m_p___d_i_r]

This utility can be used to check if the given Backup Bet configuration
is correct.

Please take a look at ZRM for MySQL documentation (http://mysql- for procedures on how to configure and use ZRM for

----bbaacckkuupp--sseett _n_a_m_e
Specify backup-set for the backup run. The default value is

----bbaacckkuupp--lleevveell _v_a_l_u_e
Choose 0 for full backup. Choose 1 for incremental backup.
Default is full backup.

--options-file _c_o_n_f___f_i_l_e
Set the file along with full pathname that contains ZRM for
MySQL command options, in the same format as mmyyssqqll--zzrrmm..ccoonnff(5).

----ttmmppddiirr _t_e_m_p___d_i_r_e_c_t_o_r_y
Full path of the directory for storing temporary files and
directories on the backup host. The default is to use the sys-
tem-specified temporary directory on the backup host, e.g /tmp.

Choose qquuiieett to suppress display of log messages on stdout.
Choose nnoo--qquuiieett to display the log messages to standard output
(ssttddoouutt). The default is ----nnoo--qquuiieett.

Provide more detailed output in the log. Verbose output is
turned off by default.

----hheellpp Displays the help message and exits. This command line only
parameter cannot be specified in the configuration file.

Directory under which all backup data is stored.

//eettcc//mmyyssqqll--zzrrmm//_b_a_c_k_u_p _s_e_t _n_a_m_e//mmyyssqqll--zzrrmm..ccoonnff
Default location for the backup-set configuration file used by
ZRM for MySQL.

On success, zero is returned. On error, non-zero value is returned.

mysql-zrm(1), mysql-zrm-backup(1), mysql-zrm-manage-backup(1),
mysql-zrm-restore(1), mysql-zrm-list(1), mysql-zrm-getconf(1),
mysql-zrm-setconf(1), mysql-zrm-parse-binlogs(1), mysql-zrm-purge(1),
mysql-zrm-extract-backup(1), mysql-zrm-verify-backup(1),
mysql-zrm-abort-backup(1), mysql-zrm-scheduler(1),
mysql-zrm-reporter(1), mysql-zrm.conf(5), mysqldump(1), mysqlbinlog(1),
mysql(1), lvm(8), Zmanda Recovery Manager for MySQL (http://mysql-

Zmanda Inc. (

Zmanda, Inc. ZRM for MySQL mysql-zrm-check(1)

Referenced By

mysql-zrm(1), mysql-zrm-abort-backup(1), mysql-zrm-backup(1), mysql-zrm.conf(5), mysql-zrm-extract-backup(1), mysql-zrm-list(1), mysql-zrm-parse-binlogs(1), mysql-zrm-purge(1), mysql-zrm-restore(1), mysql-zrm-scheduler(1), mysql-zrm-verify-backup(1).