mypy man page

mypy — manual page for mypy 0.4.6-dev


usage: mypy [-h] [-v] [-V] [--python-version x.y] [--platform PLATFORM] [-2]

[-s] [--almost-silent] [--disallow-untyped-calls] [--disallow-untyped-defs] [--check-untyped-defs] [--disallow-subclassing-any] [--warn-incomplete-stub] [--warn-redundant-casts] [--warn-no-return] [--warn-unused-ignores] [--hide-error-context] [--fast-parser] [-i] [--cache-dir DIR] [--strict-optional] [--strict-optional-whitelist [GLOB [GLOB ...]]] [--junit-xml JUNIT_XML] [--pdb] [--show-traceback] [--stats] [--inferstats] [--custom-typing MODULE] [--custom-typeshed-dir DIR] [--scripts-are-modules] [--config-file CONFIG_FILE] [--show-column-numbers] [--find-occurrences CLASS.MEMBER] [--cobertura-xml-report DIR] [--html-report DIR] [--linecount-report DIR] [--linecoverage-report DIR] [--memory-xml-report DIR] [--old-html-report DIR] [--txt-report DIR] [--xml-report DIR] [--xslt-html-report DIR] [--xslt-txt-report DIR] [-m MODULE] [-c PROGRAM_TEXT] [-p PACKAGE] [files [files ...]]

optional arguments

-h, --help

show this help message and exit

-v, --verbose

more verbose messages

-V, --version

show program's version number and exit

--python-version x.y

use Python x.y

--platform PLATFORM

typecheck special-cased code for the given OS platform (defaults to sys.platform).

-2, --py2

use Python 2 mode

-s, --silent-imports

don't follow imports to .py files


like --silent-imports but reports the imports as errors


disallow calling functions without type annotations from functions with type annotations


disallow defining functions without type annotations or with incomplete type annotations


type check the interior of functions without type annotations


disallow subclassing values of type 'Any' when defining classes


warn if missing type annotation in typeshed, only relevant with --check-untyped-defs enabled


warn about casting an expression to its inferred type


warn about functions that end without returning


warn about unneeded '# type: ignore' comments


Hide context notes before errors


enable experimental fast parser

-i, --incremental

enable experimental module cache

--cache-dir DIR

store module cache info in the given folder in incremental mode (defaults to '.mypy_cache')


enable experimental strict Optional checks

--strict-optional-whitelist [GLOB [GLOB ...]]

suppress strict Optional errors in all but the provided files (experimental -- read documentation before using!). Implies --strict-optional. Has the undesirable side-effect of suppressing other errors in non-whitelisted files.

--junit-xml JUNIT_XML

write junit.xml to the given file


invoke pdb on fatal error

--show-traceback, --tb

show traceback on fatal error


dump stats


dump type inference stats

--custom-typing MODULE

use a custom typing module

--custom-typeshed-dir DIR

use the custom typeshed in DIR


Script x becomes module x instead of __main__

--config-file CONFIG_FILE

Configuration file, must have a [mypy] section (defaults to mypy.ini)


Show column numbers in error messages

--find-occurrences CLASS.MEMBER

print out all usages of a class member (experimental)

report generation

Generate a report in the specified format.

--cobertura-xml-report DIR

--html-report DIR

--linecount-report DIR

--linecoverage-report DIR

--memory-xml-report DIR

--old-html-report DIR

--txt-report DIR

--xml-report DIR

--xslt-html-report DIR

--xslt-txt-report DIR

How to specify the code to type check

-m MODULE, --module MODULE

type-check module; can repeat for more modules


type-check program passed in as string

-p PACKAGE, --package PACKAGE

type-check all files in a directory


type-check given files or directories

environment variables: MYPYPATH     additional module search path


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