murmurd - Man Page

VoIP server.


murmurd [-ini inifile] [-fg] [-v]
murmurd -supw password [serverid]
murmurd -readsupw [serverid]
murmurd -disablesu [serverid]
murmurd -limits
murmurd -wipessl
murmurd -wipelogs
murmurd -version|--version
murmurd -h|-help|--help


Murmur is the server component of Mumble, a low-latency, high quality VoIP application.


-h,  -help,  --help

Show a summary of the options.

-ini inifile

Specify which ini file to use. Without this option, murmur will search for a murmur.ini file and will fall back to builtin defaults if one isn't found.


Run in the foreground (do not fork).


Verbose mode, slightly more information is logged.

-supw password [serverid]

This sets the SuperUser password for a server. SuperUser is a special account (similar to root) which bypasses all access controls. This command may be used while the server is running. Optionally takes a serverid representing the virtual server to set the password for.

-readsupw [serverid]

Reads SuperUser password from stdin. Optionally takes a serverid representing the virtual server to set the password for.

-disablesu [serverid]

Disables the SuperUser account. Optionally takes a serverid representing the virtual server to disable the SuperUser account on.

Disabling the SuperUser account makes it impossible to log in as SuperUser until a new password is set. You can set a new SuperUser password with the -supw parameter.


Tests and shows how many file descriptors and threads can be created. The purpose of this option is to test how many clients Murmur can handle. Murmur will exit after this test.


Remove SSL certificates from database.


Remove all log entries from database.

-version,  --version

Show version information.



Perform a log rotation. This causes murmurd to re-open its log file.


Gracefully reload the TLS settings specified in murmur.ini without interrupting service.

When this signal is received, Murmur will apply the new TLS settings (certificate, private key, and Diffie-Hellman parameters) to all virtual servers that use the TLS settings from murmur.ini.

Virtual servers that have overridden the settings from murmur.ini will not be affected by this signal. Those servers can be updated using the updateCertificate RPC call.

See Also

mumble(1), murmur-user-wrapper(1).


mumble and murmurd were written by The Mumble Developers.

Referenced By

mumble(1), mumble-overlay(1).

2016 May 9