murano-pkg-check-3 man page

murano-pkg-check ā€” murano-pkg-check 0.3.0


Team and Repository Tags


Murano package validator tool

After checking out tool from repository easiest method to run tool is to run

This command will display help for murano-pkg-validator

If you installed it from PYPI you can use:

murano-pkg-check -h

To run validator in directory apache-app just run:

murano-pkg-check apache-app

It will print all errors there are on package.

Will search for all packages under directory murano-apps. It will print all errors and warnings for all packages found.


At the command line:

$ pip install murano-pkg-check

Or, if you have virtualenvwrapper installed:

$ mkvirtualenv murano-pkg-check
$ pip install murano-pkg-check

List of Errors


To use murano-pkg-check in a project:

import muranopkgcheck


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Aug 07, 2018 0.3.0 murano-pkg-check