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munin-node - Man Page

A daemon to gather information in cooperation with the main Munin program


munin-node [--options]


munin-node is a daemon for reporting statistics on system performance.

It doesn't produce these itself, but instead relies on a number of plugins which are responsible for gathering the data they require, and describing how this should be graphed.  In fact, it does little more than fielding requests from the Munin master, running the appropriate plugins, and returning the output they produce.


--config <configfile>

Use <file> as configuration file. [/etc/munin/munin-node.conf]


Only run plugins owned by root. Check permissions as well. [--noparanoia]


View this help message.


View debug messages.  This can be very verbose.


Plugin debug.  Sets the environment variable MUNIN_DEBUG to 1 so that plugins may enable debugging. [--nopidebug]




This is munin-node v2.0.75


Audun Ytterdal, Jimmy Olsen, and Tore Anderson.

See Also

For information on configuration options, please refer to the man page for munin-node.conf.

Many plugins can report whether or not they can reasonably be used on the node.  munin-node-configure can use this information to help manage installed plugins.

The network protocol is documented at <http://munin-monitoring.org/wiki/network-protocol>


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