mu-remove - Man Page

mu remove is the mu command to remove messages from the database.


mu remove [options] <file> [<files>]


mu remove removes specific messages from the database, each of them specified by their filename. The files do not have to exist in the file system.


mu remove does not have its own options, but the general options for determining the location of the database (--muhome) are available. See mu-index(1) for more information.

Return Value

mu remove returns 0 upon success; in general, the following error codes are returned:

| code | meaning                           |
|    0 | ok                                |
|    1 | general error                     |


Please report bugs if you find them:


Dirk-Jan C. Binnema <>

See Also

mu(1), mu-index(1), mu-add(1)

Referenced By

mu(1), mu-add(1).

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