mu-mkdir - Man Page

mu mkdir- create a new Maildir


mu mkdir [options] <dir> [<dirs>]


mu mkdir is the mu command for creating Maildirs. It does not use the mu database. With the mkdir command, you can create new Maildirs with permissions 0755. For example,

   mu mkdir tom dick harry

creates three maildirs, tom, dick and harry.

If creation fails for any reason, no attempt is made to remove any parts that were created. This is for safety reasons.



set the file access mode for the new maildir(s) as in chmod(1).


Please report bugs if you find them:


Dirk-Jan C. Binnema <>

See Also

maildir(5), mu(1), chmod(1)

Referenced By

mu(1), mu-easy(1), mu-help(1).

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