mu-info - Man Page

show information about the mu database


mu info [options]


mu info is the mu command for getting information about the mu database.


Note, some of the general options are described in the mu(1) man-page and not here, as they apply to multiple mu commands.


use an alternative directory to store and read the database, write the logs, etc. By default, mu uses XDG Base Directory Specification (e.g. on Linux this defaults to ~/.cache/mu, ~/.config/mu). Earlier versions of mu defaulted to ~/.mu, which now requires --muhome=~/.mu.

Return Value

mu init returns 0 upon successful completion, or a non-zero exit code if there was some error.


Please report bugs if you find them:


Dirk-Jan C. Binnema <>

See Also

maildir(5), mu(1), mu-index(1)

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