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mtnopt - Man Page

generate shell variables from monotone workspace options


mtnopt [-s|-c|-v] [-d dir] [-k keys]
mtnopt -h


mtnopt prints shell variable assignments for each value in the file of monotone workspace options, _MTN/options, in the current directory. For instance, if _MTN/options contained this text:

database "/home/user/src/monotone.mtn"
 branch "net.venge.monotone"
 keydir "/home/user/.monotone/keys"

mtnopt would print:


By default, mtnopt attempts to guess appropriate syntax from the value of the SHELL environment variable.  This can be overridden with the -s and -c command-line options.



Print variable assignments in sh(1) syntax.


Print variable assignments in csh(1) syntax.


Print only the values, with no indication of the corresponding option keys.

-d directory

Look for _MTN/options in directory, rather than in the current directory.

-k keys

Print assignments for only those options that match the egrep(1) regular expression keys.


Print a help message and exit.


mtnopt only looks in the current directory for the _MTN directory, so it will fail in a subdirectory of a workspace.

mtnopt should be aware of the set of possible options, rather than blindly printing whatever is in _MTN/options.

The behavior when there is no _MTN/options file to be found is less than helpful.

See Also

mtn(1), egrep(1), sh(1), csh(1)


2011-02-22 monotone