mtf-env-set man page

mtf-env-set ā€” prepares environment for testing containers.


MODULE=docker mtf-env-set

MODULE=rpm mtf-env-set

MODULE=nspawn mtf-env-set


mtf-env-set is a binary file used for setting environment before usage of Meta-Test-Family.

MODULE=docker It installs tests dependencies, docker service and starts docker service for testing containers

MODULE=rpm installs RPM dependencies on this machine.

MODULE=nspawn installs RPM dependencies. If environment variable MTF_SKIP_DISABLING_SELINUX is set, it disables SELinux. It installs systemd-container package on this machine.


mtf-env-set mtf-env-set is useful for people who don't want to set the environment manually and wish to use this executable to do the job.


Petr Hracek, <> (man page)

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Full documentation at: <>


2017-11-01 Linux User's Manual